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See this page of the wiki for a brief set of reasons:


Range proofs for CTs demonstrate that output amounts are positive and within an allowable range, and that no inflation is occuring in a non-coinbase transaction. The range proofs (eg bulletproofs) are computationally binding. If the discrete log is broken, range proofs can be generated for values outside the correct range without any way to detect this. ...


Given the alleged goal of creating a politically independent means of value exchange, the fundamental differences between the projects are extremely dramatic. Grin has no investors, and every aspect of its development is voluntary, from the mathematics to the aesthetics. There is one paid developer who volunteered for the project and subsequently the ...


The only detailed comparison I could find was this: which is, if summarized (by a computer): In summary, Grin and BEAM are two open-source projects that are implementing the Mimblewimble block chain scheme. Each project does contain some unique functionality but as Grin's goal ...

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