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5 votes

Why is Slush Pool recognizing my worker as offline?

When you mine with less than 1 GH/s (1000 MH/s) most bitcoin mining pools will show your hashrate as zero. This is likely to happen at many pools even with 10 GH/s. This is because the current default/...
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Seeing no Hash per second on any pool

The pool calculates your hash performance from the number of shares that your miner produces. With so little hashing power, it's likely that your miner did not generate a single share, so to the pool ...
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3 votes

how can i do mining on vmware machine

Currently, all mining software have GPU and CPU mining disabled by default. You're going to need to recompile from source and enable CPU/GPU mining to be able to mine with your CPU/GPU. You should be ...
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ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack

I was getting this error. Like the above answer states, I checked my password, saw that it was longer than it should have been and changed it, then quit getting the error. At least for me, it was a ...
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1 vote

Why can't I get any miner to work on my PC?

You cannot mine Bitcoin on a desktop (or laptop) computer these days. If you are trying to mine Bitcoin on Slush, you will need an ASIC. You can potentially mine ZCash on Slush, if you have a high ...
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1 vote

Why is Slush Pool recognizing my worker as offline?

The time for GPU mining is over: 60 Mhash/s don't even register anymore. We're approximately at 1.7 Ehash/s in the network today or about 3×1010 times your 60 MHash/s. Check out In the ASIC-age, is ...
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Why is Slush Pool recognizing my worker as offline?

You shouldn't mine with 60MH. It's probably so low slush doesn't recognise it.
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1 vote

Can you mine Monero using sgminer?

No you cannot. Monero uses a different PoW that is incompatible with sgminer, but also uses a different pool communication protocol that is Stratum-like but not actually Stratum.
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1 vote

GUIMiner not detecting my GPU (AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series)?

The code name 'Turks' is the Fabrication process and transistors name. This means it is the GPU. There are also name such as: Cedar, Caicos, Juniper, Barts and Cayman. Don't ask me why that named them ...
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