The transaction you're trying to send spends from an segwit input, but BitPay Insight does not currently support segwit. On segwit-supporting software, the transaction is valid: $ bitcoin-cli testmempoolaccept '["...


Node - This is a node.js implementation of a full node, it is different from the original, Bitcoin Core, which is written in C++. A full node downloads every block and transaction and check them against Bitcoin's consensus rules. The Bitcoin network is made up primarily of nodes and miners, which don't all have to run the same exact software, provided they ...


There are bunch of blockexplorer APIs that support Bech32 addresess: Blockonomics ChainFlyer BTC.com


It looks like bitcore replaced the insight-api


Bitpay's Bitcore is unrelated to BTX, though it shares the same name. It was built for Bitcoin (BTC) though Bitpay may or may not choose to support BTX in addition to other coins such as BCH. See Bitcore - A full stack for bitcoin and blockchain-based applications

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