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How do descriptors work with miniscript in the library bitcoinerLab?

Update [2023-Nov-15]: This answer has been updated to reflect the changes in v2 of the library. As the author of the @bitcoinerlab/descriptors library, I'd like to provide some clarification on the ...
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How to build a transaction using bitcoinjs-lib

In P2SH, the output script is created by applying HASH160 (SHA256+RIPEMD160) to the redeem script, which is then revealed at spend time. So if you created the previous output, you should know what the ...
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"Witness program hash mismatch" code -26 when broadcasting a transaction

"Witness program hash mismatch" in a Taproot script path spend means the Taproot commitment wasn't successfully verified, in other words the internal key tweaked with the taptweak hash (...
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Do Bitcore APIs have daily limits?

I’m not sure I properly understand your question. If you’re asking about a self-hosted instance of the publicly available Bitcore software: I suppose it’ll give you whatever data it can manage, and ...
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How to use BlockCypher's test network with BitcoinJS-lib?

Blockcypher seems to be using custom network with some of the things changed, as they dont mention anything about WIF I recommend not using it, they only mention 2 changes the ScriptHash and the ...
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Getting Error while trying to decode psbt base64 to json using bitcoinjs/bip174 library

The problem is that in addition to the buffer (denoted as psbtBuffer in the code you provided), it is necessary to pass the txGetter function as a second parameter to the fromBuffer function. If you ...
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