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I managed to get some rebalances of up to 100k sats working using rebalance-lnd's --reckless flag with a limit of 50 sats. I'm still getting a ton of "Temporary channel failure" errors, but it's progress. Here's an example rebalance: pipenv run ./ -t <node-id> --reckless --amount 100000 --fee-limit 50


All along it was a configuration error on my end in the docker-compose file, and also me not being patient enough to wait until core node is synced, since that is when lnd is willing to be able to "talk" to core node. of note, I learned that you can't just bring down these services with docker-compose down, and ideally you need to gracefully shut ...


The transaction does have a fee and that is negotiated prior to the channel being opened. The participants will determine the feerate to set on the commitment transactions before the transactions are created. Thus every commitment transaction contains a transaction fee and could be sent to the network. This is required in the case of a unilateral close. A ...


Of course you would have to write custom code. But other than that I don't see any reason why this should not be possible. Actually there come quite some architectures and technologies in my mind that would nicely enable such functionality.

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