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You can easily verify the liquid circulation, in fact any liquid node can do this in realtime as part of its operation if you run a Bitcoin node along side it. Pegins can't, however, be reconized until after they're claimed on the sidechain. Before then the addresses are cryptographically indistinguishable from other similar multisig transactions on ...


It has always been the case that the full Bit Machine would be "exposed"[1] by allowing arbitrary Simplicity. This is because the combinators that let you compose the high-level jets are exactly the same combinators that define low-level Simplicity. Thus even if only a few high-level jets are chosen to be exposed, it would still be the case that the low-...


destroyamount is the rpc call you are looking for


Short answer: yes. However that depends on the question if liquid supports segwit and creation of a lightning network. I have not looked at the details of liquid but I believe it does. The lightning network protocol itself is pretty agnostic to the underlaying blockchain. If you look at the channel announcement messages defined in BOLT7 you will see that ...

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