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These are not public keys. Not everything that is 33 bytes is a public key. In this case, it is a 32 byte hash. The first byte indicates that the next 32 bytes are to be pushed to the stack. So the result is that the actual data in this scriptPubKey is a 32 byte string. In this case, this particular transaction is a coinbase transaction in a block mined by ...


These are not public keys, they are data or bitcoin script fragments. For example, the address s-38f26094a4e3514933fc2bf56a1f2f26 is actually the bitcoin script: OP_IFDUP OP_IF OP_2SWAP OP_VERIFY OP_2OVER OP_DEPTH Addresses are a human construct, and only certain well defined bitcoin scripts (p2pk, p2pkh, p2sh, p2wpkh, p2wsh) are convertable to addresses. ...


You must convert the mini-private-keys to regular private-key format before being able to import them in wallets such as Litecoin-core. If your keys are based on "Casascius" then you could use (fork of to do the conversion. Follow these steps: In order to be safe download the source code from


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