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Where can I find Crypto Coin data?

Acquiring Data You have two options here: Check out one of the data providers online. Quandl offers (mostly) free historical data for a variety of pairs and exchanges. Alternatively, if you have ...
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Get simple BTC value to insert it in excel sheet

Here is the link. Just insert this into your excel file =IMPORTXML("","//span[@id='quote_price']")
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Where can I query the UTXO database?

The standard bitcoind core daemon has no methods to query the UTXO set for reasons I don't know: it should be trivial to give access to it even on a pruned node since it needs to have the full UTXO ...
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Where can I find Crypto Coin data?

You can download the historical data of with my developed crawler: But it's only getting the snapshots of ...
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College Economics Student in Support of Crypto Looking for Live Hashrate Data

You can get a current estimate of this info by running the bitcoin-core full node software and calling the command: bitcoin-cli getnetworkhashps
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Where can I find Crypto Coin data?

Just put up a website with the data sets I use for my own modeling. One minute OHLVC data is available for free, tick-level data - very reasonably priced. Data from Binance for ...
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Where can I find Crypto Coin data?

You can use my website which provides exactly what you need. tick by tick historical BTC, ETH, and LTC prices and volume from Bitfinex and Hitbtc. It's exactly what I use to ...
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