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What effect on Lightning Network would be of setting dustrelayfee to 0.003 by all nodes?

The dustrelayfee is used to calculate dust thresholds. The change you propose would increase all dust thresholds by a factor of one hundred. This would make transactions with recipient or change ...
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Sats stuck in "pending" after lightning channel force closure

This seems to be the same issue as described here. Publishing the tx from my umbrel node with the below fixed it: ./umbrel/scripts/app compose lightning exec lnd lncli wallet publishtx <TX>
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to_remote output 0 during unilateral closing of lightning channel

Can B now unilaterally close the channel given that to_remote output of A is 0 (this amount is below the dust limit) and to_local output is c or will this lead to failing of channel closure? It can. ...
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Closing address of a Lightning channel

Yes, it is possible! In BOLT 2 you have a shutdown message that looks like this type: 38 (shutdown) data: [channel_id:channel_id] [u16:len] [len*byte:scriptpubkey] The scriptpubkey does the trick. ...
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Channel close fees too low

I discovered the solution: just needed to learn how to properly use the lnd command 'wallet bumpfee' that can be used on cooperative close TXIDs that have confirmation fee set too low. Also note that ...
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