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How can loans work with bitcoin?

In Fiat Interest and Inflation cancel each other and promote borrowing and thats a healthy thing, but bitcoin economy a borrower has to fight against deflation and interest, if interest rate gets ...
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What happens when bitcoin loans start to appear?

None of the above really answers your question. To understand the answer, we have to first understand the main difference between a fiat currency like USD and Bitcoin which is fixed in amount, just ...
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How can I earn an income from my bitcoins without revealing my identity or relinquishing control of my bitcoins?

Bitcoins are a non-productive asset. Lending services earn revenue, because they lend out the coins they borrowed from you to someone else. They connect lenders and borrowers, take most of the risk ...
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How can loans work with bitcoin?

First of all I don't think it needs to be so binary (bitcoin or nothing). Fiat and lending will likely co-exist along with bitcoin. Additionally, what if instead of creating a business based on ...
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