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Opening a short position on Kraken requires BTC to begin with?

You have to get money into the exchange to purchase and secure your position somehow. BTC is probably an easy way to do it but you could also do it with EUR or USD. You will need BTC to close the ...
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Shorts, longs BTC data

It is fairly common for exchanges to only provide a limited amount of historical data. Tradingview and other sites that have more historical data store it themselves on a database. With 2 hours of ...
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Bitfinex - 25% annual funding fee for margin - Fiat vs crypto - how to minimize cost?

What you fund your account with is irrelevant to this question. If you take a long position against a USD pair, you'll borrow USD and pay USD interest. If you short a Coin you will borrow that coin ...
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On Bitfinex, what is FRR?

Its the return rate. So instead of just setting a return rate at lets say 0.019%, you're return rate is the market rate. It updates once an hour. It makes it easier for you so you don't have to log in ...
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