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What am I missing about this "guaranteed" money-making scheme that I didn't hear from anyone but just popped up in my head?

What you are describing is called Arbitrage and is done by many traders for a variety of different assets, not just cryptocurrencies. This is only guaranteed to make you money so long as there is a ...
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What is the method to determine the total market capitalization of the Bitcoin market?

"Bitcoin market cap(in AUD)" = "Number of bitcoins in circulation" X "Value of single bitcoin(in AUD)" The same as a market cap of some company: "number of their shares" X "value of single share"....
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With the btc price changing every second, how can you accurately display conversion to fiat currency?

There is not a way around this unless you are using an exchange. But, even exchanges have a disclaimer: Market orders may be partially filled at several prices. Each part of your order will be ...
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Find recipient of a bitcoin transaction?

Since the blockchain doesn't store user's IPs or any useful person tracking information, it's hard to track down the recipient of a transaction. But I read on few forums how Bitcoinstore owner ...
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All-in-one Service for Cryptocurrency

The answer to this is probably much larger and more general than just being applied to your question. From a generalised point of view, businesses that specialise in certain activities are able to ...
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