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What does unbroadcastcount in getmempoolinfo mean?

This field counts transactions that have been submitted locally with the sendrawtransaction RPC or the wallet but have not yet been successfully relayed to at least one peer (as a response to a ...
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What makes it difficult to prevent transactions where value transferred is less than the fees paid?

Luke says it's NOT difficult... Dynamic dust limit #74 luke-jr commented on Mar 22 • There is now (as of 26.1) experimental (and disabled by default)...
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How do miners manually add transaction to a block template?

Does it work something like this? No, not really. generateblock is a testing only RPC that actually mines a block using the internal CPU miner, itt does not make a block template. So it's completely ...
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Can an unconfirmed transaction be confirmed several years later?

A Bitcoin transaction becomes immutable and irreversible only when it gets : (i) included in a candidate block (ii) the block in which it was included by a miner gets mined (iii) more blocks are ...
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Can an unconfirmed transaction be confirmed several years later?

Yes, that is possible. If the UTXOs still exist and the transaction is otherwise valid, then it could still be confirmed after all of that time.
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What effect on Lightning Network would be of setting dustrelayfee to 0.003 by all nodes?

The dustrelayfee is used to calculate dust thresholds. The change you propose would increase all dust thresholds by a factor of one hundred. This would make transactions with recipient or change ...
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How do I set up bitcoin.conf in Bitcoin Knots to stop spam and low value transactions?

Bitcoin Knots aims to default to reasonable node policies. The reason datacarrier is enabled by default, is that it's impractical to prevent 32-byte spam from abusing p2*h outputs which is much more ...
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