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The mempool is not a central or shared pool, every node has its own separate mempool (though a node does not have to keep a mempool, it will still function fine without one).


There is no rule requiring a transaction to have a confirmation before being spent. Yes, the mempool matters. That's also how double-spends are detected. So it's crucial nodes check the mempool and not just previous blocks. No it does not violate the rule, they are referring to double-spends being rejected if the SAME output exists in the mempool. IDK, ...


It looks like Mempool Transactions (the top graph) gives the total raw byte size of the serialized transaction data in mebibytes (1 MiB = 1024² bytes). Note that this is not equivalent to transaction weight (1 MvB = 1000² vbytes)—the transaction weight of the mempool is currently ~102.9 MvB, but this graph shows 96.1 MiB. A node's mempool limit pertains to ...

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