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Are all transactions, whether SegWit or non-SegWit, part of the commitment in a coinbase transaction?

The wtxids of all transactions are committed to by the witness commitment tree in the coinbase transaction (except the coinbase wtxid itself, as that would be a cyclic dependency). This includes non-...
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What am I doing wrong in calculating Merkle root of the block with only 2 transactions (block #99997)?

I found the solution myself. Block explorers, for some reason, displays TXIDs in reversed form, so you need to unreverse it before using. I didn't calculate TXIDs manually, I just took them from the ...
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Legitimate merkle paths for SPV

If the calculated Merkle root doesn't match any of the block headers then the proof is invalid and the TX may or may not exist. That's the default verification state, same as if you never got any ...
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