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Did Satoshi intend to allow midstate computation to speed up hashing?

I think Satoshi was not aware that the hashing routine could be optimized by the use of a midstate when he first created bitcoin. If you look here, you can see that the first version of bitcoin that ...
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What is a midstate? How does using a midstate speed up hashing?

People often talk about SHA256 like it's a single operation, but it isn't. Rather, the input is broken up into 64-byte chunks, and then each chunk is put into a compression function. The state of the ...
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What is the duration of a ban?

When state->fShouldBan is set, the network thread will disconnect the node, and cleanup memory. As a result, the state object disappears entirely. Because of that, there is no need to ever unset ...
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How do i create/implement a midstate function (One that can accurately calculate the midstate of already mined blocks)

Probably not the right stack exchange for this question. It is only tangentially related to bitcoin. You probably want Programming, or Computer Science.

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