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Why does bitcoin.core's algorithm uses ancestor score instead of just ancestor fee rate to select transactions?

This is intended to be a performance optimization when generating a block template for mining. The issue is around how many transactions we end up looking at while iterating over the mempool during ...
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Is it possible to mine 1 btc in one day?

There are around 1000 btc minted daily and the global hashrate is around 400 Ehash/s so you need 1/1000 of that (400 Phash/s)
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How do miners signal approval for a BIP via nVersion, exactly?

The version and other parameters that could be used for signaling are generally set by the work producer, i.e. your own node or the pool you are mining with. That will issue the work for your mining ...
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Do any mining rig configurations divide hashing into pieces to be distributed across nodes?

Not in the way you seem to describe it. Rather than splitting up a block, multiple variations of a block template are given out to individual miners to allow them to cooperate in searching for a block ...
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AntMiner connected via ethernet to wireless plugin adapter has trouble connecting to the BTC Mining pool without DMZ

You shouldn't need port forwarding for a client machine (i.e. the AntMiner) to access the internet. What pool is the miner connecting to? You would only need port forwarding if you intend to access ...
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How can I do CPU mining on testnet?

Testnet has a special rule, which makes it easy to mine in particular circumstances. If there are no blocks found for more than 20 minutes, the difficulty drops and you can easily mine a testnet block ...
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