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If I recall it correctly, the "boo"s mean: your answer's correct but somebody else had solved the problem before, so you wasted your electricity and time - sorry. And the "yay"s are: you did it first, congrats. As for "LongPoll", it's a protocol that enables a miner to keep in touch with its pool's servers so that it's communicated as soon as possible when ...


The miner you are using does not support the stratum protocol. Instead you must use a pool that uses the old and now obsolete getwork protocol If I see it correctly BTCGuild still offers the getwork access with the following URL: minerd.exe -o -u username_1 -p password -a sha256d -R 2


I did this, actually! In terms of disclosure, @eric allam is absolutely correct, above; you should let your users know that's going on, at a minimum, and ideally have some sort of "Start mining" button they can click to have an explicit opt-in type procedure. That said, it's wildly unlikely to generate a profit unless you have a huge base of users and are ...


I'm doing: minerd -a scrypt --threads=1 -o stratum+tcp:// -O ab1jx.4:4 From a script and it works fine. ab1jx is my username on litecoinpool, worker is 4, password is 4. Only 1 thread to make it sort of a background process, leave that out to run at full throttle. I don't get accepted lines often either with cpuminer, I assume ...


Today you would be using a mining application like minerd:


Here, as mentioned in

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