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They don't reuse market IDs. For example, SaturnCoin (SAT) has been deleted and replaced with SAT2. That was market ID 168(search for cryptsy. It links to https://www.cryptsy.com/markets/view/168). If you want to go there, you'll be redirected to the home page. SAT2 has market ID 233. Why wouldn't they replace SAT/BCT with SAT2/BTC? Anyhow, market 248 (...


Mintpal has a limit of 10 requests/second MintPal API v1 offers a simple REST API to retrieve information about our markets. The API responses are JSON encoded arrays. Please be aware that calls to the API are rate limited to 10 requests per second, any requests exceeding this rate will be met with a HTTP 503 response. I know Kraken has different rules. ...

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