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To add to the previous answer, I have analysed the BIP39 wordlist for spanish for example, and 4 letters is not enough to uniquely identify each word, there are different words which their 4 first letters are the same.


Just as a side note: What you get from 12 words is a seed of 512 bit length because it was stretched with PBKDF2. The entropy is only 128 bit with 12 words (each word represents 11 bits of information ~= 132 bit with 4 bit checksum). If you look at a library like for example, you see that the ...


When generating a BIP39 mnemonic seed phrase, the user will first want to generate an entropic value ENT (as referenced in the BIP39 docs), which will be used to generate the mnemonic. Note that it is very important that ENT be of suitably high entropy, or else the resulting mnemonic phrase will be insecure against brute force attacks. Choosing your own ...


This depends a little bit if all words are independent. If yes the will be 24! = 620.448.401.733.239.439.360.000 permutations of the words. Assuming that you computer can check 1 billion permutations per second (which is is way too optimistic as this would assume that a signature / public key could be computed within one clock cycle which he can't) this ...

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