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What we really know is the correct walletadress and also the 12 words. Is this enough to recover the private key / funds? As you have found, with HD wallets, you also need to know the "derivation path" -- which usually means knowing the software or service used and sometimes the version. You can find commonly used derivation paths using a web ...


BIP39 (the specification for how seeds can be encoded into phrases) specified a number of word lists beside English but it has been widely considered a bad idea to use them. Words can be ambiguous between languages, and many use encodings which are not guaranteed to be consistent or supported on every system. Little software ever supported any language other ...


Any private key in existence, I am guessing a few million created by now, in 2256, are your chances of guessing someones mnemonic/private key. 2256 is a very, very large number.

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