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How to save the derivation path with my paper wallet seed phrase?

Most wallets, especially those using BIP39 seed phrases only use (a subset of) these standard derivation paths: m/44'/0'/account'/change/address_index (P2PKH, BIP44) m/49'/0'/account'/change/...
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What is a safe amount of characters in a passphrase?

Dont use a password manager, they tend to get hacked and leak information. Dont use a random generator, if you loose it, you will never be able to guess it. Usually 20+ character is a good and safe ...
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I have a 24 word seed and a passphrase - I need master private key

If you want an easy to use option, you can use Electrum to import your wallet from the seed. Once the wallet is imported you can get the master private key. This can be done completely offline. You ...
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