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Accounts are an internal bookkeeping mechanism of the Bitcoin client. They are not the same thing as addresses. When you move from one account to another, the coins remain in the same address, and if you need to spend them they will be spent from the same address. The only thing moving does is subtract a number from one account and adding to another - both ...


Regardless of what accounts they are in in your wallet, consolidating/spending your dust may require substantial transaction fees - maybe even exceeding the value of the dust. The major factor that comes into play is the size added to a transaction by each additional input. You can read a lot of info on the Bitcoin wiki about transaction fees. Here are some ...


Yes, this is possible, but you still need to check the wallet balance first. However, you need to know the fee, as you usually specify how many BTC are supposed to arrive at the destination, rather than how much is being sent in total. The sendtoaddress command takes 5 parameters: address, amount, comment, comment-to, subtractfeefromamount. This last ...


Yes, all move operations add an accounting entry to the wallet. If listtransactions doesn't show the move, this is most likely to be a problem with listtransactions.


You moved 0.8 BTC from 1DbYDYkehPSFrg9zwHY93ZcqmwFLQggw81 back to 1DbYDYkehPSFrg9zwHY93ZcqmwFLQggw81. So in essence, you didn't really move anything.

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