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If you're paying through your mobile phone, it's most likely that your app creates and signs a transaction based on unspent inputs available to your address. This is then passed on to the receiver who posts it to the blockchain. This transaction cannot be modified, it can only be posted to the network in order to prove payment. So, from your standpoint, ...


If the receiver is online, it is as good as fully online transactions. The receiver can check for validity and double-spends just as with any other transaction. In fact, if the sender is known to be offline, they are even faster and more secure as the sender cannot double-spend simultaneously. As a sender your client software should be able to confirm that ...


Andreas Schildbach's open-source Bitcoin wallet supports this feature. With the "Request bitcoins" screen open, tap another device to send it the bitcoin: URI to send to (that opens the "Send bitcoins" screen on the other device). You can also scan an NFC tag containing a bitcoin: URI to open the "Send bitcoins" screen with the fields filled in.

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