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Seeing no Hash per second on any pool

The pool calculates your hash performance from the number of shares that your miner produces. With so little hashing power, it's likely that your miner did not generate a single share, so to the pool ...
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p2pool.util.jsonrpc.NarrowError: -10

So I found the reason behind the block downloading issue. I had forgot to point to the block's data dir when running bitcoind. So instead of utilizing the block downloaded from the GUI it was ...
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Power Off Dash Miners for Short Time on P2Pool

Mine as long as possible, turn off only when needed. I haven't check Dash P2Pool, but most payouts use some form of PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) payout (although some have different methods to ...
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Can I have a bitcoin pool joining another bitcoin pool

Yes, a pool can mine through another pool. There are pools already doing this as you can see under the "proxy mining pools" heading of the mining pool list at
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Is it possible to build mining reward pooling directly into Bitcoin?

I believe this would be very difficult to implement in Bitcoin. Not only because of technical feasibility, but also because gaining concensus would be difficult. The mining reward could then be ...
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