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6 votes

What is the purpose of P2WPKH-P2SH?

P2SH-P2WPKH addresses can only be created by segwit-compatible wallet software. However, sending to a P2SH-P2WPKH works with any P2SH-compatible wallet, as the address is indistinguishable from (and ...
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4 votes

How to build a transaction using bitcoinjs-lib

In P2SH, the output script is created by applying HASH160 (SHA256+RIPEMD160) to the redeem script, which is then revealed at spend time. So if you created the previous output, you should know what the ...
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2 votes

Is the witness `version` of a bech32 address required to "send spendable funds" to the address?

Can Alice still "send spendable funds" to Bob? If she recovers the witness version before converting the address to the scriptPubKey she puts in the transaction, yes. Otherwise, no. All ...
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1 vote

Transaction keep beeing rejected "non-mandatory-script-verify-flag"

Code: -26, Error: non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Witness requires empty scriptSig) bitcoin-cli is telling you that, in order for a SegWit transaction to be valid, the scripSig field must be empty (...
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