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There is a difference between a traditional paperwallet and a BIP32/39 based mnemonic and seed system. Traditionally, a paper wallet would be for a single address, with a single private key. When importing this into another wallet, a possible concern was that the change from any transaction would not be returned to that single address, but instead be sent ...


All you need is an address to send the money to. You could create an address with your hardware wallet, create a wallet here Import your private key then generate a tx to your hardware wallet and send it, then discard the online wallet


The scam was most likely on the paper wallet creation tool. But don't give up fast and try to get the funds back. With high likelihood the thief sent part of the funds to his account. If he did a KYC verification at kraken or cashed out then kraken might know the id or a bank account number. Or if withdrawn again then kraken should know to what ...

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