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The merchant concerned with volatility should price items in the local currency. Then only when a buyer says "I'd like to buy in bitcoin" convert that price according to the current value of bitcoin. And then of course convert to the local currency as soon as the merchant receives the bitcoin.


Alice is buyer, Bob is seller and Carol manages the marketplace in this example. bitcoin-cli createwallet "W1" { "name": "W1", "warning": "" } bitcoin-cli createwallet "W2" { "name": "W2", "warning": "" } Alice(W1) and Bob(W2) update their public ...


I want to build a marketplace, so there is a buyer and a seller. So when a buyer buys something from the seller I take the fee. Thus part of buyer's money goes to my account like (10%) and the rest to the seller. This is possible using 2of3 multisig in which 1 key with buyer, 1 with seller and 1 key with you Consider an example for a marketplace in which ...


User creates an account on the exchange. User submits KYC documentation such as their ID, bank statements, etc., and waits for exchange to review the documentation and the account to be approved. User attaches their payment method: bank account/credit card. User places a buy order on the site; the order gets fulfilled. User withdraws their purchased crypto.

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