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You don't have to choose between Tor or your VPN, use Tor over VPN to maximize your privacy. A transaction is very small. So sending transactions over Tor is fine. (Downloading the entire blockchain is completely different matter, see below.) Transactions over Tor are good for Bitcoin's fungibility. Bonus: run your own full node, configure it to mainly use ...


First of all, anonimity and privacy are two different things. Bitcoin is designed to be pseudonimous - which is close to anonimity, but instead of being completely anonimous, you're linked to your bitcoin address, or pseudonym. You cannot make a private transaction on the Bitcoin network, but you can try to be as anonymous as possible. It is possible to run ...


Yes, I believe that the accumulator constructions as described here are a good candidate. The same idea applied to Bitcoin is implemented by Tadge Dryja here

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