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Assume you are using a unique common address for each customer and at the end of the day/week/month you make payments to your employees, suppliers or partners. When making those payments, if those outgoing amounts exceed the amounts received from one customer, you will have to include inputs coming from other customers. If some of your customer addresses ...


...does this present a privacy risk? Privacy concerns can be boiled down to the following questions: what information am I giving up by engaging in this transaction? And who am I sacrificing this information to? When you engage with some counterparty to make a payment, they will gain knowledge about your involvement in the bitcoin transaction that includes ...


I am not sure if I get your question right. Please tell me if not and I shall iterate on my answer. First of all the lightning network indeed has a different privacy model only opening and closing of channels is stored to the redundant public ledger called blockchain. Once the channel is open even when routing is applied the payment itself is pretty private....


Time-stamping does not prove authorship, which should be proved by a digital signature instead. For more info on time-stamping you might read the documentation at and maybe go deeper with the step-by-step tutorial at

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