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Is Fibre protocol deserved for rare temporary forking? If blocks are propagate that fast, there are less chances for temporary fork to happen and even if it do, they are short (small length)? Miner can fast continue to work on (what it seems to him) block head of the chain? Well the point is that a miner can more quickly switch to a new block that has been ...


If you want to read more about the p2p protocol, check out the Bitcoin Developer Guide's overview of all peer-to-peer messages. Besides transaction and block relay, it is used to announce node services, discover peers, communicate content preferences, and request specific content. Only blocks and transactions are gossiped. Node addresses are shared with ...


They use a crawler that connect to every single reachable node into the network recursively. Basically connect to a node, send a getaddr request, and try to connect to the received addresses.


If you monitor the traffic of your network while trying to connect to Bitcoin Network using Bitcoin Core, you will notice it sends below information in the first request and gets similar response from another node: User-Agent: // Version: XXXXX Lastblock: XXXXXX I have filtered the results in Wireshark to show only "Bitcoin" protocol related ...

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