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How to run Bitcoin Core behind corporate proxy?

Bitcoin doesn't use HTTP for its communications - it has its own specific protocol that runs directly on top of TCP. So an HTTP proxy like squid won't help. If you aren't able to make outgoing TCP ...
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2 votes

Coinhive for bitcoin/ethereum

I did this, actually! In terms of disclosure, @eric allam is absolutely correct, above; you should let your users know that's going on, at a minimum, and ideally have some sort of "Start mining" ...
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2 votes

Is it better to have multiple connections with stratum protocol or a single one for the entire proxy to the pool?

Holding one connection per worker is highly inefficient and will cause a lot of traffic going through your network. The preferred way to do this is to condense all your work behind some proxy. You don'...
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1 vote

Would proxying a lightning hot-wallet with a lightning cold-wallet make the hot-wallet safer?

First of all at this stage all lightning network nodes implementations are hot wallets. There are people / teams working on hardware wallets in lightning. Also I don't get your base assumption why you ...
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1 vote

Create a new receiving address in the behalf of another wallet?

Yes, you can use bitcoin-cli for address generation. To learn more try: bitcoin-cli help getnewaddress Also consider using some RESTful service running on your Bitcoind host. For Node I can ...
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1 vote

Stratum proxy on Windows

If anybody is searching this in the future: CoiniumServ can be self-compiled from the github source and runs on windows.
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1 vote

Having trouble with a new wallet

The solution for anyone else is to change the Ignition registry value for fUseProxy back to false, then relaunch the wallet. Search for it in regedit.
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1 vote

Adding proxy to Antminer S3

I want to place the Antminer at work Using your employer's electricity for personal gain is likely to get you into some trouble. If you have a legitimate reason to consider such a setup (for example, ...
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