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I solved the problem by installing the bitcoin package again. I was getting this error message with my script Traceback (most recent call last): File "./", line 136, in <module> print_the_secrets(digest256_final) File "/home/valentin/python/doubleslow/", line 301, in ...


Pycoin now supports segwit xpub after this commit. It is able to parse xpub/ypub/zpub and derive addresses. Ledger is still using incorrect prefix for segwit xpub and you may have to convert the xpub to ypub/zpub appropriately


This website can answer your question. Typically, the first question mark refers to flag and the second question mark refers to tx_witnesses


Using this python library >>> from cryptotools import Xprv >>> xprv = Xprv.from_mnemonic('fetch detect laugh camp coil salute any guide scheme monster alone slot', addresstype='P2WPKH') >>> zpub = (xprv/84./0./0.).to_xpub() >>> zpub.encode() '...

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