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Please have a look at the API reference (JSON-RPC) (which has a python example, but might be out of date) and available Bitcoin Core apis. Here is a nice clickable version of docs for bitcoin-python.


You need to get an "api_code", then use that when making calls. You can use their official python client.


Your signature is OK. So, something is wrong with your digest calculation static void test_sig ( ) { const MyKey32 priv ( QByteArray::fromHex ( "d0171bc0e1a973c75d97cdf38ecccfb2e70227a23cfcdadfed8d9dd1f198c6dc" ) ); const MyByteArray pub ( priv.getPublicKeyClassic ( ) ); const MyByteArray sig ( QByteArray::fromHex ( "...


It would appear that you have (or rather had them at the time you ran the commands) 6 channels that were funded, but not yet announced. This is most likely why your node sees them (getinfo) but gossipd doesn't yet (listchannels) since they haven't been announced just yet.


as Rene Pickhardt pointed me: without context I studiert you installed the pylifhtning client via pip and upgraded you lightning node later so that the APIs have different versions. But that is only a wild guess for a common error

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