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UTXOs set size for small node

Bitcoin Core adds outputs to the UTXO cache either when they are newly created, or when they’re spent by inputs in transactions the node learns about. Whenever the node’s dbcache is full, it flushes ...
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I Can't Get Inbound Connections to My Node

I was unaware that Uncomplicated Firewall ufw was installed on my Raspberry Pi. When I ran the command below I found the following. sudo ufw status verbose Status: active Logging: on (low) Default: ...
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Is running a bitcoin node harmful to the local network?

This will rather depend on what type of node you are running. Running a 'full node' (full archival node) should not put you at increased risk, given that you do not need to configure your router to ...
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Signmessage with Raspiblitz

Solved it with the help of the support of Pocket Bitcoin. T Get the Adress you want to sign with, I used the RTL interface to generate a new onchain adress but you can also use lncli wallet addresses ...
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