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You're only signing the first input? tx.sign(0, owner); Usually every input has to be signed somehow. I also struggled with the switch to Psbt. Biggest difference was basically requirement to have a full transaction hex of every input for non-segwit inputs. Segwit inputs can be simpler but they can also be created using the full hex of the tx using non-...


how do A and B know the correct merkle path without needing the entire block? Many light-clients will sync to the longest chain of headers, under the assumption that other nodes on the network will be checking the full content of those blocks for validity. (Consider: if every node was a light-client, miners could include invalid transactions in blocks, and ...


I am very embarrassed, just circling back to share, the above workflow works perfectly. My problem was I had an incorrect vout value in one of my inputs. Basically I was trying to spend money I don't have (/facepalm). As soon as I corrected that, everything worked flawlessly. Here's my multi-wallet.dat file Coinjoin :)

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