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Using Bitcoin Core (bitcoin-cli), the standard sequence of commands to create and broadcast a transaction would be: createrawtransaction signrawtransactionwithkey sendrawtransaction You can find information on the commands by executing bitcoin-cli help You might also want to see this question:


When you are creating signatures, you are signing for a specific input in the transaction. That specific input has a corresponding outpoint, so you use its outpoint in the sighash. In the examples given, the sighashes for all of the inputs are given. So for each input, it makes a sighash using the outpoint for that input. In this example, if you are signing ...


There are currently 3 address types defined in Bitcoin: The satoshi-era P2PKH format, which is Base58 encoding of (1 byte version prefix) + (20 bytes pubkeyhash) + (4 bytes checksum). The checksum is the first 4 bytes of the double-SHA256 hash of the 21 bytes that precede it. The version number is 0 for mainnet; it's easy to find lists of prefixes for other ...


What you're seeing is the extended transaction serialization format introduced in BIP144 (segregated witness). It adds a marker 0x0001 to indicate the presence of a witness after the version number, and a list of witness stack items after the transaction inputs.

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