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the problem is in your call of charged there you are passing the argument --ln-path ~/.lightning assuming that you run lightning in your home directory thus you have to set ln-path to /tmp/l1-regtest/. Now you say that this also did not work. So before I give you a solution let me explain what is actually going on. charged talkes to lightningd via an rpc-...


Since you say you are changing your OS clock, I am assuming you are using Bitcoin Core's built in miner for regtest. This miner will try to not produce invalid blocks. To avoid the time-too-old failure, it will take the maximum between the median time + 1, and the network adjusted time (which is basically OS time). So when you set the clock too far back, it ...


Solved it! I downloaded the bitcoin core source code, changed the regtest node address parameters to be like the mainnet in the file src/chainparams.cpp. Then compiled it, run the node on regtest and it worked like magic!

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