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Here are the approximate dates for the halvenings of the BTC block reward, as evidenced by the timestamp on those blocks. Note that the timestamp is not a perfect measure of when the block was found, but it is reasonably accurate, with an assumed margin of error of a couple hours (for more info on this see this question). The time stamp is a component of the ...


Bitcoin block reward gets cut in half, mathematically limiting the reward. This happens every 4 years, roughly speaking. The block reward hits 0 when the amount mined is 21 million. The reward keeps declining until this happens.


The Bitcoin protocol allows block authors to create a limited amount of new bitcoins in the outputs of the coinbase-transaction (which also collects the transactions fees) in each block. The amount of the so called block subsidy is limited by the consensus rules.1 Creating more than the allowed amount makes a block invalid to other Bitcoin nodes. Each full ...


When a miner find a valid hash he had to write the new block according to the bitcoin protocol rules, if he try to cheat, like writing that instead of the 12.5 bitcoin that issued to the bitcoin miners (him) it is 50 bitcoin, the network will refuse and ignore this block till he write it properly or someone else write it with the good hash and the right ...

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