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The ledger itself doesn't really care what tags you attach to a payment. They're just used to help exchanges or wallet services know who to credit for a payment. The standard use of the a destination tag is to identify the recipient of a payment. The idea is that whoever or whatever controls the account that received the payment will look at the destination ...


One option would be to ask multiple servers: that way you can as sure as you want that. Or you could just run a server—it’s quite simple—and point the wallet to it since, presumably, you wouldn’t lie to yourself.


Increasing the number of validators can cause additional rounds to be needed for servers to reach consensus. This means that the consensus process could require more time. The question is how much more? There are a lot of factors to consider; the network’s topology matters a lot. Generally, the operational metrics we’ve seen haven’t shown a statistically ...


In 2019 several exchanges suffered an attack called 'ripple partial payment exploit'. It uses an integral part of the ripple network (partial payments) in conjunction with sloppy implementation by exchanges to defraud large amounts of money(in crypto) from those exchanges. The largest known victim of this exploit is the beaxy exchange that got affected by ...

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