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This article expands on the security proof a bit more (with visual aids!) https://medium.com/blockstream/reducing-bitcoin-transaction-sizes-with-x-only-pubkeys-f86476af05d7


MuSig is interactive because each signer needs to provide a signature nonce (effectively randomness) before signing. This is not specific to MuSig, but applies to any discrete logarithm-based multisignature scheme as far as I know. Now to understand why multiple communication rounds are necessary let's look at what happens at each of them, starting from the ...


A P2WPKH PubKey is shorter than a P2WSH PubKey. No, not quite. A p2wpkh address is shorter than a p2wsh address. The addresses are both based on a hash of the underlying witness program (i.e. the locking conditions of the output). In the case of pay-to-witness-pubkey-hash (p2wpkh) the witness program contains only the pubkey. On the other hand, pay-to-...


Not if you just do leading zeroes or just lowest value when interpreting as a very large integer. To make things easier, let's just assume that you use compact signatures which are just the signature's R and s values concatenated with each other instead of other signature formats which have additional surrounding formatting bytes that would interfere with a ...

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