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Do I need to store my hardware wallet's derivation path?

I think if you’re using a wallet that uses BIP39 and BIP 44 standards (many popular wallets do), then the derivation path is standardized. That was a major benefit of those BIPs vs every wallet doing ...
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Can punched-in seed phrase on steel plate be read by airport security x-ray?

High resolution x-ray cameras of the type used for baggage scanning would likely be able to read stamped metal. For an example, this Chinese security manufacturer shows an example image where you can ...
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deriving the master public key and the btc address from seed phrase of electrum wallet

You cannot convert an Electrum seed phrase to a BIP39 seed phrase, because in the process of deriving the master private keys, both algorithms use a different salt. This means, you cannot use Electrum ...
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What happens if a new hardware wallet generates an existing seed?

You would be able to spend money belonging to someone else. It is like discovering your front door key fits the lock on someone else's door. Which does not mean theft is no longer considered theft in ...
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Do I need to store my hardware wallet's derivation path?

Generally speaking, is this because different derivation paths can yield, ultimately, different public keys, and thus if I don't have my derivation path saved, I may be unable to reconstitute a wallet ...
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Why are the seeds different when going from seed to mnemonic and back using bx?

A note for those reading this in the future: "bx seed" is completely insecure and will result in your money being stolen. See CVE-2023-39910, aka the "Milk Sad" issue: The use of ...
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