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How can I generate SegWit addresses from a mnemonic using python?

how can I implement the btc_adress_dump in a good way, dou you have a complete python code for this. Would be very great.
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Are all transactions, whether SegWit or non-SegWit, part of the commitment in a coinbase transaction?

The wtxids of all transactions are committed to by the witness commitment tree in the coinbase transaction (except the coinbase wtxid itself, as that would be a cyclic dependency). This includes non-...
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How could a 2 byte witness program make sense?

Gregory Sanders proposed Segwit Ephemeral anchors, in which a 2-bytes witness program in a transaction's output to make it opt in to different relay rules (BIP, Optech).
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What would happen if we provide witness program different than 32 bytes for SegWit 1?

SegWit version 1 outputs with lengths other than 32 bytes remain unencumbered, which means their validation is unchanged and they remain anyone-can-spend. From BIP341: A Taproot output is a native ...
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Can a non-segwit transaction be serialized in the segwit format?

The extended serialization format introduced in BIP144, which is used for serializing witnesses, specifies: If the witness is empty, the old serialization format must be used. So, no, using the ...
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