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The SHA256 function that you are using in the excel sheet is hashing the binary as a text rather than using the bits from it. This results in the output of your excel function being different from the desired one. Below is a simple python script that will illustrate it to you. import hashlib string1 = '...


I think the errors is the building the hash correctly and I was a same problem, now I want shared the my experience. For build the hash I have used this good library c++/java. I will try to explain myself with simple code. This is the hash of transaction the genesis block string versionRawTransaction = "01000000"; string numbarTransactionInput = "01"; ...


If I undestend the your question, This is an example of the proof-of-work algorithm. The nonce is a component of the block, the strucure of the block contain the value, inside the you can find the value inside the propiety "nonce" I hope I answered your question

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