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I have gotten this error not only when specifying an incorrect input amount, as mentioned elsewhere in this thread, but also when sorting signatures incorrectly on a multisig transaction.


With the .asc file, you can do gpg --import <asc filename>


v is needed to recover the public key. As a result of recovering the public key from ECDSA signature, 0, 1, or 2 points can be returned. In order to strictly indicate which point corresponds to the "original" public key, an additional byte is used


Bitcoin uses cryptography to create digital signatures and cryptographic hash functions for various purposes such as transaction ids, block ids, and to commit to specific transactions in blocks. The Bitcoin protocol itself does not use encryption anywhere, but many wallets use encryption to secure private key material. There is also a Bitcoin Improvement ...


Simple solution! index in input object was hardcoded to 0 instead of taking the vout nonce from UTXO list. I was going to delete, but I'll leave the post up.

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