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Creating a raw Segwit transaction from scratch and getting Signature must be zero for failed CHECK(MULTI)SIG operation

OK, finally I got some things to work and there are quite some changes I had to make but it seems to have work. I need to retrace my steps all over again later on tomorrow as its late now. Here's the ...
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Nonstandard witness when building a transaction

The problem is you're creating a bare multisig output, not a P2WSH output. When you're subsequently trying to spend it as if it were a P2WSH output, Bitcoin Core errors because bare multisig inputs ...
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I Get "Non-canonical DER signature" Error

As the error message says, your signature is not DER encoded. An ECDSA signature is composed of two integers, R and s. DER is a method of encoding them. DER for a signature specifies that the ...
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Which private key is used in Taproot transactions?

In a key path spend, you always sign with the private key corresponding to the output key. If that key is a tweaked public key (it's recommended to always use a tweaked key), you will also need to ...
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