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Continuation question about nonce randomness and verification of the randomness by signing parties

In what way, if any, can all of the signing parties verify that the nonce is both random By randomly generating the nonce yourself you know for a fact that nobody else knows the nonce. Even better, ...
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Can a signer recover their own signature's nonce `k`?

Yes, a signer can recover their own nonce. Be z a hash of a message to sign, d a private key, G the generator point of secp256k1, n the integer order of G. An ECDSA signature {r, s} is generated as ...
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Error validating transaction: unexpected witness payload for non-witness script in a P2TR using script path

I finally managed to understand what I was missing. There were 2 errors in the witness field: I did not put the tapleaf lenght of S1 before tapleafS1 I did not put the control_block's lenght before ...
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non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Invalid Schnorr signature) when I try to send a P2TR tx on testnet

I finally managed to successfully send a correct P2TR tx to the network in testnet! I answer my own question so that maybe it could be helpful for other people struggling with the same problem. There ...
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Bitcoin Core file with the signing keys was removed from repo. How is the process supposed to be now?

Instead of fetching the keys from keyservers by fingerprint, you can now get the keys actually used from This repository contains all ...
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