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What are 'accounts.sqlite3' and 'emergency.recover' and why might I want to back them up?

The accounts.sqlite3 file is managed by the built-in plugin bkpr (the bookkeeper plugin). It tracks each individual coin movement that was performed while the plugin was running, and will give ...
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Can funds from a LN channel be recovered if both participants suffer data loss?

I don't know exactly how static channel backups are implemented in lnd and what is being saved there but I can give you some general thoughts and at least a partial answer. If A and B both lost ...
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Lightning - Question about force-closures of channels and its impact on recovering funds

Sorry René, it seems you fell into a Bcasher trap here ;) OP phrased his question very vaguely and then proceeded to cry CENSORSHIP when you admitted there might be some truth contained in what he ...
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How can I recover a Core Lightning node as safely as possible if the backups might be out of date?

This is a really good question. Is it safer to try using the emergency.recover file first? If the peer cooperates, is this completely safe? If the peer tries to cheat me, do I still have time to use ...
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'lightningd.sqlite3' and 'emergency.recover' are binary files, why use diff then?

If you only want to know whether or not two binary files have identical contents, diff will do the job See How to compare binary files to check if they are the same?
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Can funds from a LN channel be recovered if both participants suffer data loss?

Short answer: No. If both nodes lost their channel state, then the balance of the channel is lost Static-channel-backups (SCBs) do not store any information on the state of the channel, instead they ...
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