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where is my bitcoin money, when downloading is failed. Your money is in the Blockchain (loosely speaking). It is not affected by the state of your wallet. When your wallet finishes collecting its own copy of the public Blockchain (synchronisation), it will be able to show you the amount of money you control. Some explanation: A wallet does two things. ...


When a new node joins the network, it will look up nodes from the DNS seeds. It'll reach out to multiple nodes it hears about and ask them for more peers in turn. The new node asks each of their peers for their best chaintip and then starts sychronizing the headers of the best chaintip it hears about first. A block header is only 80 bytes (tiny in comparison ...


Yes a full node downloads and verifies all blocks starting from the genesis block. Not on every startup though, the state is efficiently stored and read back into memory on startup (with some rechecking of the last X blocks as a sanity check against corruption). For finding the right chain, it starts with downloading the headers first, with which it can ...


The recommended way is to use the -connect option. You can do -connect=0 or -noconnect (they mean the same thing) and Bitcoin Core will not try to automatically connect to any other node.

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