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I havent seen a proper answer on the internet so I did the test myself using bitcoin-0.18.1 with the -testnet flag and after downloading the chain ~2 GB I monitored the traffic of the bitcoind process with nethogs for 24 hours. I got 40MB download and 20MB uploads so 60*30 = 1800MB You can expect 1.8GB of traffic from the bitcoin testnet compared to the ...


Bitcoin Core has not yet fully synced the testnet blockchain. You can see this in the getblockchaininfo output, it has "initialblockdownload": true and the number of blocks is less than the number of headers (headers are synced first so the number of headers indicates the number of blocks that need to be synced). You should see your balance once your node ...


Sounds like you did not give bitcoind time to "sync", no other explanation comes to mind. Starting bitcoin-qt may be more obvious.

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