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There are 2 workarounds possible: It takes few minutes for most of the transactions to be included in a block. So, you can prepare all the steps in advance and perform within couple of minutes before this transaction is confirmed. Broadcast transactions with fee rate below 1 sat/vByte Change Min Transaction Relay Fee in bitcoin.conf with minrelaytxfee=0....


You are using testnet. Addresses starting with "M", "N", "2" and "tb1" are testnet addresses.


It seems that I needed to activate Bloom filters in my bitcoin.conf file, as it looks like this is necessary for many SPV wallets. Also some things that other users may need to do is to forward ports (8333 for mainnet, 18333 for testnet), and if you have the typical router setup at home, make sure that you are not within CGNAT (you can check this with your ...


I was able to connect one of my node with other (both v0.21.0) I copied the IP address from local address returned in getnetworkinfo Used it in bitcoin.conf of other node in below format: testnet=1 test.addnode=IP

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