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Bitcoin Core's installer will also setup a shortcut for testnet. Testnet is a different blockchain and network specifically for testing. This is normal and expected behavior, but there is no reason for you to be using testnet. You should stop Bitcoin Core and just use the normal launcher.


The main difference between signet and regtest is that signet is an actual network, as opposed to a sandboxed environment. In regtest, the network topology is entirely manual. You spin up nodes, and manually establish connections between them. You have exact control over what blocks are mined and when. This is great for testing things like consensus logic, ...


Signet is more comparable to testnet than it is to regtest. Regtest is for private use and testing things. Even if signet were available, it is still useful to have your own blockchain for testing where you can generate coins, blocks, forks, and reorgs at will. It allows tests to run quickly and for a specific set of conditions to be tested. There is no ...


Yes, testnets are stable even though they are worthless, people volunteer with their computers, and because there are enough volunteers, it is stable.

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