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14 votes

What is time warp attack and how does it work in general?

The Bitcoin Protocol (consensus rules) has two relevant rules for the timestamps in block headers: A node will not accept a block whose timestamp is more than two hours in the future. A node will not ...
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10 votes

What prevents similar time-warp attacks in Bitcoin as happened to Verge?

Nothing directly prevents it in Bitcoin, and indeed the attack has been demonstrated on testnet3 many times---it's the primary reason that testnet3 currently has almost three times as many blocks as ...
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4 votes

How does a time warp attack work?

When there's a re-org of the chain of several blocks, isn't the total chainwork of both chains compared? Yes, that's true. In fact, that's how a reorg of any size is considered. However, that wasn't ...
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4 votes

Where exactly is the "off-by-one" difficulty bug?

The retarget calculation is off-by-one. But it is not because it takes the difference between the time of the last block of the period and the time of the second block of this period (for instance ...
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