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The wallet.dat was created with Bitcoin Core (in 2011 it was called "Bitcoin"). You should install the newest version of Bitcoin-Core (0.14.2 by the time of writing). The wallet.dat from 2011 should still run. Use the GUI. If you want to export the private key, you don't need to sync (takes a couple of hours / days) Can also be done on a different ...


There's this thread on bitcoin talk: I personally generated this address: 1BoyishnessfwHq3wSkCkJ7iafUdjhghfU which is the longest one I'm aware of that's not mixed case. It was generated by feeding oclvanitygen a large number of potential prefixes from a large wordlist.


As for (1) yes you can use tools like the recksplorer as suggested by JBaczuk but you can also query the gossip store of your lightning node directly. Each node has to know the entire topology of the network for source based routing. C-Lightning provides a command line interface to retrieve this data. However nodes can have private channels or be even ...


Here's what vanity address I generated: 1DETACHABLEDD7hgExqScWngMrxDGtXwcX This is the real word. All characters in the pattern are uppercase. The length of the pattern is 11 characters.


You can try recksplorer at to get a node count, or drill down on individual nodes: Source is at:

1 also offers a virtuaisation of transactions, called tree chart. It can be view for every transaction over the "View Tree Chart" link. Example: The link you posted seems to be offline, so I'm not sure if it's this sort of visualization you are looking for.


GEnesisReVC 1GEnesisReVCQG641yERVQgStUvqH6S9U2 On Mac Pro with GPU it was 9 days to have 50% chance of genesisre (not case sensitive) Was using What I really like about this address: capitalization of GEnesisRe VC suffix memorable U2 ending capitalization right after VC capitalization just before U2 OK, so ...


Here is one we created for our nonprofit. it took several months for us to find it. 1HuGpUDDLEhvehXE1P6xeudqAHqKfs1BFM

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