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Your VPN provider at least is in a position to deanonymize you. Therefore, I would rather use TOR. It's not infallible, but many people have used it successfully to achieve relative anonymity. Here's a short guide to setting up bitcoin core with TOR As Saxtheowl has already mentioned, however, both a VPN and TOR can only hide your IP address. There are many ...


Your VPN will anonymize you with the peers you are interacting with on the bitcoin network, but the transaction you are making on the blockchain will be recorded for ever. To increase your privacy the best advice would be to use different address each time you receive bitcoin and to be careful if you plan to use exchange for fiat money because their address ...


It generally takes a long time before the network "discovers" you're a good peer to connect to. It may be a few days before you get inbound connections. I'm able to connect to you.


Generally if you read BOLT 07 you will see that lightning nodes and channels can either be private or public. This is independent of the fact if they run on tor or not. The node announcment message explicitly supports announcing that it runs on tor as written in the BOLT 07 The following address descriptor types are defined: 1: ipv4; data = [4:...


Tor nodes do show up in statistics, for example, I do run Lightning Network nodes only behind Tor.

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