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How can I cheaply consolidate P2PKH outputs?

There really is no better answer than "wait for fees to come down". That might not be the most satisfying answer, but fees were below 2 sat/vB only a month ago, and the vast majority of ...
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Network fee more than transaction?

When you move bitcoin from one address to another, a transaction fee is incurred, and that fee is paid to the miner that mines the block that your transaction is included in. So when you eventually ...
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Setting high tx fees (paytxfee, maxtxfee,..)

Solved. Despite definition in bitcoin.config, when calling sendrawtransaction we need to pass again the maxfeerate sendrawtransaction raw_tx_hex 1000
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Paper Wallet: can I use the import option in my case?

You can import keys into Electrum. Imported keys cannot be recovered using a recovery / seed phrase, so special care is needed to avoid loss. Sweeping transfers money into an address corresponding to ...
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Is there an incentive to broadcast high fee transactions?

The vast majority of nodes on the Bitcoin network do not participate in mining. Wallets are usually either connected to a) a full node controlled by the wallet owner, b) a full node controlled by the ...
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Is there an incentive to broadcast high fee transactions?

What you're missing is that it doesn't matter. If Alice wants to send a message to Bill and Bill wants to hear the message from Alice, if both Alice and Bill are connected to the Internet, it doesn't ...
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