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How do exchanges send transactions efficiently?

This can mean that the fee is not large enough... This is saying that exchanges try not to overpay on fees, which might cause a delay in case the fee market situation changes abruptly – for example ...
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How do I determine whether an input or output is segwit? - revisited

The way the BIP141 segwit rules consider transactions is simply that every transaction input (even non-segwit ones) have a witness stack. Non-segwit inputs are required to have an empty witness stack ...
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Is it possible to retrieve input addresses of bitcoin transactions from raw blk.dat files?

Is it possible to get the address and the value of the input from the blk.dat files? Yes. It is possible. After all, that's effectively what blockchain explorers do. I would try to do something like ...
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Withdrew Bitcoin from Binance to someone's wallet. They said they never received it

Looking this up, I can see that address bc1qsx2w6u4vgwmadp964s66yu6nuu85cdg58a9kpf was paid 0.3061 BTC in transaction a05ac2bc83db0f51433b9b96220bc7bc7e7ea75a09d6487282f6c3877d7106cf. 5 blocks later, ...
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