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getinfo is now deprecated. Use getblockchaininfo instead: bitcoin-cli -testnet getblockchaininfo I don't have 50 reputation to comment. Otherwise, I would've added this as a comment.


The init scripts can be found here:


If anyone got problem with reaching bitcoin-rpc server located on vps, the best way in my opinion would be port redirecting over shh. By this command: ssh [user]@[host] -p [port] -L 18332: You will be able to send comands to testnet rpc-server via your computer terminal as localhost.


This may be connected to the fact that Berkeley DB can't be built on Ubuntu 18.10: Can’t build Berkley database on ubuntu 18.10. During call to make install getting error: definition of ‘int __atomic_compare_exchange(db_atomic_t*, atomic_value_t, atomic_value_t)’ ambiguates built-in declaration ‘bool __atomic_compare_exchange(long unsigned int, volatile ...


I finally end up with this setting for my raspberry nano /etc/systemd/system/bitcoin.service content of the file bitcoin.service [Unit] Description=bitcoin [Service] Type=forking User=pi Group=pi Environment=BITCOIN_PID=/home/pi/.bitcoin/ Environment=BITCOIN_HOME=/home/pi/.bitcoin ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/bitcoind ...


tail -f .bitcoin/debug.log You will see the progress % in the end of every line. 2019-05-21T15:53:22Z UpdateTip: new best=00000000000007463022a75f47fbce4832d885cccfddc66b9ae6d332888f825d height=181720 version=0x00000001 log2_work=68.184645 tx=3482689 date='2012-05-26T22:08:18Z' progress=0.008422 cache=256.7MiB(1838887txo) Here, in case you did not find it ...

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