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For small BTC purchases in the UK, (LocalBitcoins) is the only viable option right now that I know of. There are other methods, mostly involving bank transfer arrangements, but be very careful to figure out how much you end up paying in total fees for it. It doesn't make much of a difference with large BTC orders, but for small ...


In the US, these are called "Know your Customer", and "Anti Money Laundering" (KYC/AML) laws and is enforced by FINCEN (financial crimes enforcement network) in the US for any businesses that qualifies as a "Money Service Business" or "Money Transmitter". This guidance published on March 2013,


QuickBitcoin ( accepts UK bank transfers for bitcoins. There are no fees, and transactions are very quick.


I've used quite a few times with UK bank transfers and haven't been disappointed yet. Transactions have been generally very fast and prices are getting better as the arbitrage opportunities are being soaked up. You should of course follow their safety guidance and if you are nervous then stick to users with high numbers of previous ...


The safest way (though perhaps not convenient) is to create a two-party legal contract with signed witnesses. This way if either party reneges you have legal recourse in the civil courts. The contractual arrangement would be somewhat similar to when a freelancer charges bitcoins for their goods or services. Escrow doesn't provide the same level of ...


I have purchased from both and and have had good experiences with both. If I had to recommend one, I would go with as you are dealing with a company rather than a random individual (which is the case on bitbargain). I have found that quickbitcoin is very fast, and usually takes ...

2 These are the KYC rules for each country. Do not let places take advantage of you. I had one trader ask for a phone call verification from a country where that wasn't even the required law according to their KYC. So, work out your limits and what you feel comfortable with ...


KYC and AML are required if the entity is moving money from A to B. Those entities are referred to as MSB (Money Services Business). However crypto exchanges are are not truly MSB's but they still do KYC and AML. See this insightful article:


I prefer to use the Bitcoin comparison tool found at: - you can get the best prices for in GBP, because most bitcoin exchanges are not based in the UK.


I have tried using - it is a cut above the Mt Gox price, but not as much so as QuickBitcoin. You'll likely get a better deal if you can find someone on LocalBitcoins though.

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