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Saya belum mampu memahami secara menyeluruh tentang stacker exchange ini. Salah satu poin yang saya paham di sini adalah fee tertinggi pada setiap miner akan memperoleh kesempatan pertama transaksi. Saya melihat di Whale Allert ada Unknow wallet cendrung mendominasi di transaksi awal


You have the idea wrong: each transaction doesn’t need to reference the transaction that comes before it in a certain block, it needs to reference the transaction that created the outputs it is now spending. This ‘chain of transactions’ refers to following the history of certain outputs through time, not just the arbitrary transaction ordering within a block....


The coinbase transaction is created when the miner creates the template for the block which they attempt to mine. Unlike regular transactions, it does not have regular inputs. The miner simply specifies the outputs to spend the coins, where the sum of the output amounts must be less than or equal to the total amount of fees in the block plus the subsidy. The ...


You can use scantxoutset command which was introduced in Bitcoin Core 0.17. It scans the UTXO set for any UTXOs for the address (or output script) provided. It is faster than the rescan when you import a private key. Type help scantxoutset to see the help.


If I understand correctly you can use this command getrawtransaction to get a transaction that is in your node's mempool i.e. an unconfirmed transaction. However, if you are looking for a transaction that has been confirmed, you'll need to know the blockhash of the block in which that transaction resides. Example: > bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction "...

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